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A Close Look at Laser Hair Removal Procedure

For sure, you have many unwanted hairs on different parts of your body. You can use different methods to remove them. The most common methods for removing hair include waxing, tweezing, and shaving. Unfortunately, they often require repeated sessions. It has become very common for people to suffer from burns, nicks, and bumps after repeated unwanted hair removal. For those who are tired of doing these things over and over again, you may give laser hair removal a try.

Laser hair removal is essentially a hair removal procedure that uses laser beams. This procedure is gaining momentum as a popular cosmetic procedure. The procedure works by using a highly concentrated light beam on certain areas of your skin targeting the hair follicles. This light is then absorbed by the pigment of your hair follicles. Once light is absorbed, the hair within the follicle is destroyed stopping the growth of more hairs. This procedure is effective in slowing down hair growth; however, you don’t get permanent removal of unwanted hair with it. To get the best results from removing unwanted hair, you must undergo many treatment sessions. Periodic treatments for maintenance purposes are a must too.

Laser hair removal is often used to remove unwanted hair from the underarms, face, upper lip, legs, bikini line, and chin. Lasers are effective at targeting hairs selectively with great accuracy while making sure to keep the surrounding skin free from damage. It only takes a fraction of a second for each pulse of the laser to treat several hairs at the same time. While any area with unwanted hair can take advantage of this procedure, it is not a good idea in the eyelid or surrounding areas for potential severe eye injury.

When it comes to laser hair removal procedure, it must only be performed by qualified personnel like a doctor or their assistant. Never go to salons and spas that have this procedure done by non-medical staff.

Laser hair removal is a procedure whose outcome depends on many things. These factors include the skin type and hair color of the person. Usually, laser hair removal is effective for people with light skin and dark hair because the laser beam targets the hairs easily. Even so, technology has paved the way for laser hair removal to be safe and effective for all people of color.

Before you get this procedure, make sure to book an appointment for consultation with the doctor. This visit is crucial to the success of the procedure. Usually, the doctor will review your past medical history along with the medications you have used and are using. This is the time that they discuss with you about your expectations about laser hair removal, its benefits and risks along with the things that the procedure can and can’t perform for you. This meeting is also the perfect opportunity to discuss your laser hair removal options and ask the doctor any questions you have about the procedure.

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