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Benefits of Instructional Materials in Teaching

Over time the methods or teaching and the actual teaching materials have tend to evolve day in day out. This is because educators are trying their level best not only to teach well but to cater for students with special needs as well. Moreover, the tremendous increase in the widespread of technology has led to a lot of these changes were a teacher is not necessarily needed to be present in a classroom. But with the internet, a lot has changed where it is not needed for the teacher and the learner to be in one room for teaching to take place. On the other hand instructional materials have now been added to the teaching and learning process. Below are some benefit of using instructional materials in teaching.

Firstly, instructional materials motivates the learner. The process of just teaching by the word of mouth at times tends to be very boring for the learners. In addition to that it being boring it makes the learners lose motivation and with that the learner with lose concentration where they at times even sleep while the lesson is going on. On the other hand with instructional learning, it is going to make the learner interested in what is happening and with that their level of concentration will increase so will their motivation as well.

In addition to the help of that instructional material in summarizing information. Often then note a topic that could have been taught in a couple of hours may be taught is just minutes by the application of instructional materials. An example is when you want to teach your learners of a procedure you can have it down in the form of a chart and with these, the learners are going to have a drawing representation of the same in one picture and it is going to reduce the wordiness that could have been used in the process which in return will save a lot of time as well.

Thirdly, instructional materials is going to boost the continuity of thought. A lot of times with teaching by word of mouth learners will tend to be forgetful as when the teacher moves to the next point the learners will have forgotten the previous point. On the other hand by the application of instructional methods such as visual representation it has been able to allow this from happening. This is because motion pictures tends to stick to the brain more.

In addition to that instructional materials is beneficial reason being it allows for presentation of matters symbolically. Instructional materials will allow the learner to get to see the images, unlike teaching by word of mouth which calls for the learner to have only imaginary images that may not be correct. To end, above are some benefits of instructional materials.

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