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Key Benefits of Employee Assistance Program

If employees are having problems that affect their ability to work, then you should consider employee assistance program (EAP); it is a confidence and short term personalized counseling. The primary objective of this program is to address the issues that the staff have and provide them with power and abilities to work. The employees, management, and the company will benefit in the long run. First the problem of the employee is identified and measures implemented to effectively address it.

There are a wide range of areas that are managed by the EAP provide. The most common issues are the harassment, relationship issues, drug abuse, family violence, and job stress. The service provider will apply different techniques that are suited for every case. The EAP consist of a team of lawyer, therapist, counselors, and finance expert who will provide advice and guidance to the employee.

Workplace EAP has many benefits. First, it will enhance workplace productivity. When the employees are stressed, they will not be motivated or creative while performing their duties at the place of work. Companies loses a lot of money every year because of absenteeism caused by stressed employees. Another benefit is that business will also save money. Employer will bear the medical expenses of the different psychological problems that the employees suffer. Low absentee, reduced medical cost, and lower insurance usage are some of the key benefits of implementing EAP in your company.

EAP implementation will contribute to a positive work environment. Mental issues will not only affect one person but the entire workforce. Stress makes a person more argumentative, defensive, and less talkative. EAP will help the troubled employee, and this will significantly affect the co-workers. If you want to retain talented employees, then you must provide a positive working environment.

While you are looking for an EAP service provider; you must make sure that you have done your homework. You should know how long the professional has offered services and ask for references. Ensure that you know the nature of services that the EAP agency provide. The company need to understand the sort of training that the EAP agency provide. Finally, you need to know the fee that the service provider.

Several factor will implement the EAP in your organization to be successful. Employees will only will be part of the initiative if only it is confidentiality. The families of the employee must be involved in the program. All the methods of the program must receive the support of the administration. It will be successful if the employees are educated on how they can access EAP. To determine whether the employees are getting then required assistance, the program should be evaluated regularly.

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